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If seeking guidance and support in changing your life, a dedicated Spiritual Thought leader knows to first help you change the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examine your behaviors, habits, and goals, they delve into your deep-rooted beliefs and explore your connection to the divine in order to assist you in finding your true self. They show you how to work with the Laws of the Universe to get what you actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way.

Effective Spiritual Thought leaders are people who live by spiritual principles and not by mainstream logic and societal conventions. They know how to make miracles happen and they help others live happy, fulfilling lives by sharing the practices that have worked for them. Many people might confuse spiritual thought leaders with religious leaders, but any perceived similarities are few. There is no required religious belief necessary to work with a Spiritual Thought leader – you just have to be open and desire to deepen your connection with the non-physical part of yourself… your soul.

Understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. It gives you an opportunity to discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. A focused Spiritual Thought leader who is tuned-in can work with you to discover your life purpose and help you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live. These talented leaders can help reveal who you really are and identify/clear old wounds so that you can move into a better, brighter future. In-person sessions are not necessary. One-on-one online sessions are equally powerful and effective. If you have never experienced a remote session, now is the time to explore that possibility!

Emily Smith  recommends Baz Porter.

"Baz is so amazing! He helped me to overcome and begin healing from past trauma in one session! I would recommend him to anyone who is hurting and feels broken beyond repair. This light angel knows what he’s doing! He showed me the way free of the dark depression that was taking over my life. Thank you Baz, you’re amazing!"

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Growing Spiritually



An insightful Spiritual Thought leader can help you shift old thought patterns and make the changes necessary to take responsibility for your life. They can help you shift your focus away from negativity or judgment so that you can stand in your power and focus on the positive. They understand that what we give our attention to grows and they help their clients shift their underlying sense of despair, anger or guilt to something higher like gratitude or appreciation.

You may have lost someone you love, be struggling through a divorce, or experiencing a mid-life crisis. In these situations and many others, we can feel uncomfortable discussing what’s going on with friends or family members due to a fear of judgment. Perhaps what you are experiencing is too private and personal to share with someone close. Working with an aware Spiritual Thought leader during a time of struggle offers the space you need and the attention you require. They are able to nurture trust as they maintain their intention to assist in the recovery of the wholeness of you and not just the small part of you that you feel is troubled. They allow you the space to feel free to open up about your deepest emotions, and as deeper layers surface and clear, more room is created for healing and growth. There is no judgment. Sessions are always for your highest good. These leaders work in partnership and are there to listen, teach, and help you grow in any way they can.

Spiritual growth challenges the confines of our comfort zone. Allowing yourself to experience the discomfort, and all it brings with it, can open us up to compassion, love, and all that makes our lives fuller and richer. Life takes on deeper meaning as the connection between you and your inner wisdom strengthens. Being connected to your inner guidance and recognizing when to act will lead you into a life full of gratitude and meaning.




Trust and Comfort

It is important to seek a trustworthy Spiritual Thought leader who you intuitively know you can open up to about your deepest thoughts, emotions, and desires. Trust is essential in this relationship. If it does not feel right, keep searching until you find someone with whom you are completely at ease. For your work together to be successful, you must be both honest and willing to open up. The more honest you can be and the more you allow to surface will reveal much about you. Your Spiritual Thought leader is there to help you find solutions and can only be of the highest service to you when you are being your truest and most genuine self. You are investing your time, money, and effort into this process so you want to make sure that you feel you will be able to do your part and open up and trust them.

A Spiritual Thought leader understands the duality of life and recognizes that most of us are able to eventually acknowledge that our actions are manipulated by fear, anger, pain and stress. It is their intention to help clients discover a limitless life based in the present moment on love, trust, and knowing. People who live life with an awareness of the Laws of the Universe know that more good is always making its way to them. There is no limit to what is available.

Once you find that gifted professional who you trust and feel comfortable enough with to talk openly, the discovery of the ‘true” you can begin. You gain a sense of freedom to live life once you know you are always supported. You will begin noticing the “problems” that caused you to seek help will slowly fall away and you will bring more satisfying opportunities into your life as your growth and trust with your personal Spiritual Thought leader deepens. Seize the opportunity that this present moment offers to choose to grow and discover the deep wisdom that lives inside each and every one of us.

Rachel Peacock recommends Baz Porter.

"I had a reading earlier this year with Baz and found my notes from it yesterday. He said that 4th May would be an important day for me. Well, I had a look at my diary and wow! It was only the single most healing experience I've had this year, an amazing grief healing workshop.
There were many other little gems of wisdom shared and great guidance but predicting this date is just amazing! It was such a massively healing weekend for me, one of those times in life when you know the universe has conspired to provide you with everything you need! Thank you Baz!"

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